How Your Support Helps

By supporting Families First, you provide parents with workshop series that teach them to communicate better with their kids, to discipline in positive ways, and to build kids’ self-esteem. Even in poverty, kids thrive when they can count on a nurturing parent.

Secure and nurturing parent-child relationships are the foundation of every child’s well-being and future success. When you invest in Families First, you help children by building the skills and confidence of their parents.

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Parenting Tips

Salem Mom and Daughter

Access hundreds of research-based, field-tested parenting tips.

  • Be specific: Don’t just say, “Good job” whenever your child makes progress toward a goal or masters a skill. Point out the details—this is more meaningful than a rote pat on the back or an extravagant compliment.
  • Accept mistakes: Your child needs to know that your love is not contingent on his succeeding or behaving well. Also, experiencing mistakes and recovering promotes resilience and self-confidence.

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