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By supporting Families First, you provide parents with workshop series that teach them to communicate better with their kids, to discipline in positive ways, and to build kids’ self-esteem. Even in poverty, kids thrive when they can count on a nurturing parent.

Secure and nurturing parent-child relationships are the foundation of every child’s well-being and future success. When you invest in Families First, you help children by building the skills and confidence of their parents.

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Parenting Tips

Salem Mom and Daughter

Access hundreds of research-based, field-tested parenting tips.

  • Think of ways that all members of the family can share responsibilities.
  • Find ways for children to make a meaningful contribution. Give children responsibilities around the house that seem reasonable for their age, ability, and personality. Help them be successful in completing what they start without taking over.
  • Avoid doing for children what they can do for themselves. Take the time to teach your children the skills they need so they can do tasks independently.

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