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Community Collaborations

At Families First, collaboration is part of our DNA.

We believe in increasing impact by building partnerships that leverage the resources and expertise of the organizations best positioned to help parents improve their own lives and those of their families. In some cases, partnerships have developed into deep ongoing collaborations that really alter the landscape of the communities and issue areas in which we work.

Currently, we are involved in the following strong community collaborations:

Boston Public Schools’ Parent University: Parent University is an opportunity for parents to sharpen their skills for one of life's most important and demanding roles. The program provides parents and caregivers with information about their vital responsibility in shaping children's lives. The Parent University sessions focus on child development, what children are learning in schools, advocacy, parent leadership, and effective parenting skills. Parents take courses along four learning strands: Parents as Learners, Parents as Leaders, Parents as Advocates, and Parents as Teachers. Families First provides parent workshops in the Parents as Teachers track at both district-wide Parent University convenings and at individual school sites in Boston.

Brockton Parents’ Academy: Parents' Academy was launched in 2006 and offers workshops and programs monthly that give parents the tools they need to assist their children as they learn and grow. As an important Parents’ Academy partner, Families First provides workshops at monthly convenings.

Countdown to Kindergarten: Countdown to Kindergarten is a program of the Boston Public Schools (BPS) that engages families, educators, and the community in a citywide effort to enhance early learning opportunities and to support the transition into BPS kindergarten. In collaboration, Families First and Countdown to Kindergarten developed a 3-part parenting workshop series on making the transition to kindergarten smooth and successful. Families First brings its expertise in understanding the social/emotional aspects of the transition, while Countdown helps parents with the “nuts and bolts,” or logistical aspects, of a family’s first year in BPS.

East Boston Collaborative for Families: Families First is a founding member of this collaborative, which seeks to bring together schools and community-based agencies to address issues of concern raised by families in East Boston.

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Community Collaborations
Families First Community Collaborations