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Families First Parenting Programs

Our parenting programs offer a unique combination of information, skill-building, and support. Highly interactive, our workshops start with well-developed curricula rooted in the latest social, psychological, and developmental research and led by our experienced, dynamic Parenting Educators.

Our Approach

We recognize that there is no one right way to parent and that not all techniques work for all parents. There are, however, more effective ways to parent, and our goal is to provide parents with a range of tools and strategies that they can have at their disposal.

Our Objective

Our overall objective is to teach parents how to take control of their parenting by helping them to:

  • Quickly acquire relevant information on child health and development
  • Learn new and proven parenting strategies
  • Develop their problem-solving skills and abilities and boost their self-confidence
  • Reduce their sense of isolation and form supportive networks with other parents

Our Core Curricula

Families First found that three simple ideas are key to building healthy relationships between parents and children:

  • Providing positive discipline
  • Building self-esteem
  • Learning clear, positive communication

These three pillars form a core curriculum that is at the foundation of all our teaching. Equally important, Families First offers a preventive, strength-based approach, encouraging parents to build on their positive qualities and insights.

Parenting Programs
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