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Power of Parenting

Families First’s new Power of Parenting program focuses on supporting parents when their children are between birth and age 8, because the sooner parents start to build nurturing relationships with their children, the better.

Power of Parenting is a comprehensive 16-week program that provides the knowledge, skills, and support parents need to set their children up for success.

From research, it is clear that the children who succeed despite grow­ing up in challenging environments have at least one stable relationship with a nurturing adult. Because of their unique position, parents are often the best people to help children build key social-emotional strengths—like self-esteem, good problem-solving skills, and ul­timately, resilience—essential for success in life.

Parents are best prepared to sup­port the development of resilience in their children when a set of wide­ly-accepted protective factors are in place, so Families First bases its work on the Five Protective Factors.

The elements of Power of Parenting:

  • Action Teams — Recruitment support for Families First partner organizations
  • Interactive Workshops — 7 interactive workshops focused on child behavior, emotions, temperament, discipline, and communication
  • Parent Café Sessions — 3 support-group-style sessions
  • The Families First App — A mobile accessible online application that provides reminders, tips, and reinforcement
  • Parent Leadership Development — An opportunity for parents to develop leadership skills while assisting with program recruitment and facilitation

All of this adds up to a total of 26 hours of parenting education and support, making this Families First’s highest-touch program ever, with more than triple the hours of any past programming.

Families First’s cornerstone partners are crucial to Power of Parenting’s success because they help Families First to reach the parents most in need. Currently, cornerstone partners and prospective cornerstone part­ners include housing developments managed by organizations such as Urban Edge and large early care and education providers like Nurtury, each with multiple sites around the city of Boston.

In Boston alone, there are at least 9,000 parents whose children would benefit if they were able to participate in Power of Parenting.

Make it possible for parents to access critical support by becoming a Families First partner or by making a contribution today!


The Five Protective Factors*

  1. Parental resilience
  2. Knowledge of parenting and child development
  3. Social connections
  4. Children’s social and emotional competence
  5. Concrete support in times of need

Improving parent out­comes in the areas of knowledge and skills, parental resilience, and so­cial connections leads to improved parent-child relationships and bet­ter outcomes for children, so Families First focuses on building these fac­tors.

By working in partnership with organizations that provide concrete supports and pro­grams that encourage child develop­ment, Families First ensures that its parent participants are able to develop all five factors.


*Developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services