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Families First is proud to partner with the Brockton Public Schools Parents’ Academy. Just as Families First’s mission is to build positive relationships between parents and their children, Brockton Public Schools strives to give parents the tools they need to assist their children as they learn and grow. The Parents’ Academy provides parents, extended day staff, day care providers, and community members in the Brockton Public School system with information on curriculum, teaching, and learning methods as well as health and wellness resources and connections to the greater community.

Q: Why did Parents’ Academy choose to partner with Families First?

A: We choose to work with Families First because of their reputation and the quality of workshops they have to offer. The workshop topics are a perfect fit to what we are offering. The presenters are extremely educated and versed in their area of expertise. Families First has welcomed Brockton Public Schools Parents’ Academy to be their partners in education as well.

Q: In what ways has Families First complemented your services in providing support to families?

A: Many of our participants make a point to attend the workshops, when they know Families First is presenting. We have welcomed over 10,000 parents, children, extended day staff, day care providers, and community members in four years of our workshops. We are confident that this year we will be celebrating many more participants, much of the thanks and gratitude being shared with Families First!

"Parents’ Academy is in its 5th year of existence. Families First has been part of our schedule since year one. Each year, their workshop topics change and grow to what is happening in our everyday lifestyle. This is what our audience wants to learn."

Jane E. Feroli
Specialist for Parent Involvement
Brockton Public Schools Parents' Academy

Insight from a Program Partner
Insight from a Program Partner