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Insight from a Donor

Families First: Please tell us about yourself.

Etta Rosen: I’m the mother of four grown children and the grandmother of two—soon to be three. I’m a retired school psychologist and educational consultant, and I live in the City of Boston. I’ve supported Families First for years and became a board member in 2015.

FF: You have led parenting groups and been a consultant to teachers around school readiness and social-emotional growth. Why is social-emotional development important to children’s success?

ER: Children need strong, solid relationships with adults in order to learn. The confidence and curiosity that are developed through relationships with adults are what’s going to propel children through school and ultimately to success in life.

FF: Your own kids are grown. Why do you continue to support parenting education?

ER: I think no longer being involved in the day-to-day of raising children, rather than looking inward, I’m able to more easily look to the future of our community as a whole. It’s really clear how important the shaping of the next generation is to shaping the community for all of us.

FF: What would you say to folks thinking about giving to Families First or getting more involved?

ER: Supporting Families First is a chance to improve opportunities for other families. We talk a lot about closing the income gap, but that’s in part a function of the encouragement that parents give their children and the physical, emotional, and social health of the environment the children grow up in.

Families First Board Member Etta Rosen
Etta believes it's important
to help other parents because that help is going to impact the world we all live in. We certainly agree. Thank you, Etta!

Insight from a Donor
Insight from Families First Board Member Etta Rosen