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How Your Support Helps


Parents have the power to shape their children’s futures.

But today, parents are often stressed and isolated as they face universal parenting challenges. When the parent-child relationship is compromised by stress, children are more likely to struggle in school or engage in risky behaviors.

Families First partners with local organizations to bring parents together in their own communities.

Through these important partnerships, we offer an array of original, strengths-based parenting programs geared to children’s ages and stages or specific parenting challenges.

Our programs equip parents with the tools and strategies they need to communicate better with their children, set age-appropriate expectations, discipline in positive ways, and build their children’s self-esteem.

During a comprehensive program of workshops and family support, parents build:

  • Knowledge of child development
  • Parenting skills and strategies
  • Resources and support systems

Research shows that this vital combination of knowledge, skills, and support strengthens the parent-child relationship and makes families less stressed and more resilient.

By supporting Families First, you can give parents the power to set their children up for success in school and in life.

To find out more about how you can join us to strengthen local families through parenting education and support, click here

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How Your Support Helps
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